Teaching Love and Jack

Today was a jam packed day. I really thought I would just be driving to meet my mom to pick up the kids, have a picnic and drive home. But then I remembered that tonight was the meet and greet with The Boy’s teacher at his new school. So we barreled home through the rain and hail to have enough time to unload the car of luggage and toys and reload it with all of his school supplies and off we went. We met his teacher and she is wonderful. I talked to her about how he is a kinesthetic learner through and through and because of that, he has a hard time with words and reading. She took it all in stride and started brainstorming with me on the spot different ways to help him learn and different ways to adapt her teaching style to his learning style. I loved her immediately.

And my mom got adopted today. We met at a park to let the kids play while we had a picnic. I got there before they did and noticed a stray dog wandering around. I watched him for a while and then lost track of him when the kids arrived. As we were saying our goodbyes, this dog came and laid down right by my mom’s car. He very slyly crept up onto the floor board of the driver’s side of the car. Then sneakily made his way behind her and crawled up on the back seat and went to sleep. As if he had always been there. As if he had been waiting his entire life for her to pull into the parking lot and pick him up. He was utterly and completely at home. My mom shrugged, patted his head, smiled in defeat and drove away. She has named him Jack. I’m going to call him Jumping Jack Flash because he popped their front gate like a friggin’ gazelle when she took him home. She’s in love with him already.

And I have more news to share about my impending interview. I am totally freaking out. Which is fine. I will get over it soon. And I’ll be back tomorrow.

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