7/9/09 - Spreading Pestilence

The pestilence is spreading. The Boy has some sort of nastiness spreading across his chin. And it has jumped from his chin to his elbow to boot. There are some strange crusty, puss filled lesions that have covered his chin and hurt so badly to touch that tears spring to his eyes if I come near them. This is one of those strange things about motherhood. I always kind of thought that once I became a mother that my aversion to all things that ooze and leak and spread would disappear. But not so much. This is really gross.

So I took him to the doc today to see what was up. Turns out he has a dermatological staph infection. Now to put this into the context of my brain, we had a dear family friend die from a MRSA infection in his jaw bone not too long ago. MRSA is essentially a staph infection on steroids. So for the doc to tell me my son had a staph infection on his face kind of freaked me out a bit. But she put him on a full body, megaton antibiotic to hopefully bring the fight to the infection. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that within a couple of days all will be well and these things on his face will dry out and disappear.

My own personal pestilence however is showing no fear in the face of the Vitamin C and other such weapons. In fact it appears to be laughing in my face as the vice has tightened around me and my throat now hurts so badly that I don’t want to eat or drink anything simply because it means I’ll have to swallow. A fever has kicked up to join the party as well so I’m going between shivering and sweating. And even though I’m sure the sweating adds a nice bit of sheen and color to my otherwise currently pale and pitiful face, it’s not all that attractive.

I may have to drag my silly ass to the doctor tomorrow if this doesn’t get better and but quick. Lying in a tortured lump on the couch simply won’t do for much longer.

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