Jobs and Jobs

So I heard on the job. The big job that I interviewed for more than a month ago now and wanted so badly I was already decorating my office? Yeah, that one. I got an email first thing this morning saying that “although I was extraordinarily qualified, they had chosen a candidate that more closely matched the qualifications.” Yes. I am bitter. And you would be too! I have 9 solid years in my field, have great references and have an incredible success record given the plethora of organizations (each with a fantastically ambitious mission statement) with which I’ve worked. I know. I know! It’s a tough job market and employers are able to cherry pick on whatever little tiny elements of qualification or requirement they want. I get that. I guess I just thought I’d make it at least to the interview stage more than I have. Although, granted, if I had made it to the interview stage and then still not gotten a job by now I’m pretty sure I’d be taking it much more personally.

Essentially? I’m whining.

But I also got a call from my alma mater today. I missed the call of course because they chose to call my cell for some reason and my cell lives in my car and we went almost no where today, so I never heard the sucker ring. When I did get it, my heart took off racing to who knows where and my head started swimming with “should I call them back now even though I know they’ve all gone home for the day?” “Are they calling because I screwed something else up in my application and they’re calling because they want verification that I actually went to their college?” I don’t know. But I did call them back and left a ridiculously nervous message on the voicemail and hopefully they’ll call me back tomorrow morning. And then hopefully? They will schedule a phone interview which I will breeze through sounding intelligent and competent. Then they will ask me to come there for an interview and they will woo me and give me the job on the spot.

A girl can hope right?

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Linda said...

A girl can dream or a girl can really ask a higher source for some help and if this is the job then please help me get it. Give me a sign. Often this works for me but you know all this.....