So here’s the downside to getting so invested in silly TV shows. You spend entire afternoons allowing yourself to get completely sucked into some show concocted by someone much funnier/wittier/smarter and a much better writer than I could ever be. I spend all of this time getting to know these characters within the context of the world that has been created. Speculating on who is the bad guy and who is the good guy. And then out of the blue, some mealy-mouthed punk walks up behind Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood and shoots him right in the head. One of the best gunslingers in the history of the Wild West gets gunned down by an idiot out of the blue for no good reason. And I sit on the couch waiting for it to be some sort of cowboy stunt to get this prick out of Wild Bill’s way as the realization dawns that there is so no such thing in this time period. And then I’m yelling at the TV on the verge of tears because one of my most favorite characters is now gone forever. And it’s only the fourth flipping episode!

I’m a reasonably intelligent woman who has a well documented my love of brain candy TV, but seriously. I was screaming at the TV begging it to not be true. Hoping that Montana (Bullock) finds this dipshit and guns him down in the street. And yes, I’m aware that if you don’t watch Deadwood, that you have no idea what I’m ranting on about this time. But bear with me. Because tomorrow is my last day of staycation and then I promise that I will plug the holes in my Swiss cheese brain with things like getting The Boy ready to start first grade and getting back to the pro bono projects I started and grocery shopping and coming up with a plan to save us from financial ruin.

But for today and tomorrow, the only soapbox I want, the only item on my to-do list, is to be simultaneously enraged and saddened by the sudden death of this character on this show that I’ve only just discovered and now adore.

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