7/10/09 - Progress

Antibiotics: rock the Kasbah. Pestilence: die sucker die!!

The Boy’s nasty little puss pockets are drying up nicely. And after dragging myself to the doctor this morning and learning that I have Strep Throat and getting antibiotics as well, I feel as though I may someday soon join the land of the living. A couple of doses of said antibiotics have given me hope that tomorrow might be slightly brighter and less painful.

Mom is going home tomorrow. The kids and I were going to drive her back home and stay with her for about a week or so. Even though it would mean that The Boy would miss a week of summer school. I really wanted to make sure she got home and settled in with routine and docs and such. But it seems like I’m not the only accomplished caretaker in my mom’s life. The medical practice she works with has really taken the ball and run with it. They have her set up with a cardiologist already and have already laid down the law saying that she can’t come back to work until she has a permission letter from her cardiologist saying it is ok. I have her friends ready and willing to make sure she keeps taking her meds and that she’s not doing too much.

It has been almost three weeks since her heart attack. So she’s half way through the prescribed 6 week healing period. And other than the cough from the bronchitis that she just can’t kick, she seems to be doing really well. Her energy and stamina are returning and the traces of cavalier attitude that were making me so crazy before seem to have worn off as well. I think she’s starting to see this as an opportunity to really slow down and focus on what’s important.

So I feel good about letting her go home now (she’s laughing at the “letting” part as she reads this, but also knows how true it is). But I feel awful that I got so sick and couldn’t take her myself. Hopefully the three weeks she had with me will hold her until we come to visit next month.

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