Dare to Dream of Beaches

I spent entirely too long this afternoon doing what my mom calls dream building. I call it torturing myself by wishing for flights of fantasy that I don’t get to have. As usual, this revolved around travel. I’ve been hearing how even though people can’t really afford it right now, it’s the best time to travel because prices are so cheap. Resorts are slashing prices in the hopes that people will come whether they can afford it or not. So as I was thinking back 8 years to our lovely honeymoon on the beach of the Riviera Maya, I thought why not see if the travel agency that we booked the trip through has a website. And it does. Of course.

So I spent the afternoon looking through all of their destinations, looking at hotels and all inclusive travel packages. I found one perfect for a family trip in St. Croix. The hotel has an entire pool devoted to kids including its own water park. It has a kid’s center where you can sign up your offspring for daily activities so that you and your significant other can enjoy some kid free time snorkeling or exploring or just laying on the beach while people bring you the tasty beverage of your choice. It sounded like heaven. I even found one deal where my husband and I could steal away for a long weekend next week for much less than $1000 total, all inclusive. It was so tempting I had to make myself get up and walk away from the computer.

I could just really use a good surprise right about now. Something out of the blue, planned just because it would make me happy. Or totally unplanned and just serendipity because the universe finally has decided to take some pity on me and give me a vacation instead of a weekend spent on the couch with strep. Yes the strep weekend was sans children, thanks to my husband, but you know what I mean.

I could use a sojourn into footloose and fancy free for a few days. Renew my hope in daily life. Rejuvenate my world view. And partake in some damn tasty beverages.

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