Yadda Yadda

So if it’s possible for one to be utterly blocked with their mind still reeling with non sequitur thoughts, that’s me today. So I’m just going to write whatever happens to flutter into my mind and call it good for today. Keep both hands inside, don’t drink the water and enjoy the ride.

The Girl’s birthday is in a couple of months, I wonder if we’ll do another back yard party or if I can finagle a fun party somewhere else out of our budget this year? She’s already making her birthday wish list. Although she asks for things for her “birthday party” not for her birthday, it’s funny and cute. Since I’ve been sick I’ve almost entirely ignored my children. I’ve unabashedly set them in front of the TV for hours on end and let The Boy play the Wii almost whenever he asks. Such a bad mother. So blessed to have such resourceful and easily distracted children. Also, they are forgiving, which is probably the biggest blessing I have in life right now. Man do I love McDonald’s quarter pounders with cheese. But no onions. Why is fountain Coke so much better than canned Coke? I took my wedding rings off and there is a noticeable dent and tan line left in their wake. I wonder if anyone will notice. I wonder if I’m noticed? The weather is gorgeous and warm and disturbing. We should still be having snow and starting to get some rain this time of year. Probably in for a very hot summer. Damn. I wonder if I’m missed nearly as much as I miss. I wish that I could get just one interview for one of the nearly 30 resumes that I’ve got out there circulating. I wonder if I’m not as qualified as I think I am. Or maybe over qualified for the positions I’m applying for? I don’t know. I just need and want to go back to work already. I wonder what I’ll make for dinner tonight. Soccer starts tonight. I wish I was telepathic. I wish I didn’t have to wonder what was in other’s minds. I wish I could just know and act accordingly.

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