We live pretty close to Fort Carson and in the 7 or so years we have lived in this house, I’ve gotten used to hearing bombs in the background as they do training exercises and just generally have a grand time blowing shit up. Occasionally however, they do fire fighting drills and purposely set something, or a lot of something, on fire for the express purpose of practicing putting it out. And then there are the times when in the process of blowing shit up, they start a rather large prairie fire that looms large in direct view from our house.

Today is one of those days. After getting home from picking up the kids from school, I was on the back deck getting ready to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous weather we’re having and the minute I stepped foot on the deck I noticed that the light was weird and the air was thick with smoke. So those two things tell me that this one is a huge fucking fire. Because we are across the highway and probably close to hundreds of acres away from their firing ranges.

And it’s not like I’m worried or anything, well not about our house anyway. I always worry about those military guys out there and I worry about what they may or may not be doing to the land. But the fire would have to jump the highway to get anywhere near us.

But it’s a strange thing to suddenly have your outside world sepia toned. It gives the whole world a totally different feel. Like I’m in a movie of some kind or some strange dream. Which to be really honest, is actually preferable to my current world. So, don’t think I’m complaining or anything, cause I’m not. Just reflecting on the dream-like quality of it all. Although I really could do without the smoke hanging in the air, so a nice wind shift would be appreciated (you know, just in case the weather gods read my blog).

It’s a babbling kind of day, as you have no doubt already ascertained. But that’s better than a bawling or screaming kind of day. Take my word for it.


Kristi said...

Kylie's freaking out about the fire. Jeff says that he hopes it burns our house down, nice right. They have already evacuated west of I-25 exits 125-127. And apparently the fire is now burning off post. It started in the training area and is continuing to move east. The smoke smell was horrible by Kylie's school. I just hope they get it under control soon.

Linda said...

So maybe this is a good reason for the wind, the breath of the universe to exist????

Maybe there are others....reasons that is?????