3/30/09 - Today is Today

I woke up tired, but more centered this morning. Which is a good thing. Just focused on today. Which is a very good thing. And feeling better in general physically than when I went to bed. I’ve been just reconnecting with friends, getting everything typed up and posted to catch up the blog and finishing getting caught up on email.

I came home to two job rejections, but really good news in the size of our tax refund, so that sort of balances out. And I’m going out of town again at the end of the week for a long girls only getaway weekend. We’ve rented a house outside of Buena Vista with its own private hot spring. Oh yeah, we’re totally spoiling ourselves. So I’m really looking forward to that as it will definitely ease the continuing process of re-entry.

As I was trying to find something for lunch today, I had a sudden urge to go through our pantry and fridge and just clean them both out. I just spent the last five days eating all vegetarian, completely organic, mostly gluten-free, very low sugar, very low dairy and very low salt diet. And I felt pretty great with a pretty good amount of energy. Pizza was waiting for us when we drove into the driveway last night, which the kids loved and just made me nauseous. I have been thinking about totally cleaning up our diets for a while now, so this may be just the impetus I need to get it done once and for all.

And I am having a hard time getting out of my jammies today. Which is actually ok since it’s snowing and cold anyway. I was going to have us run errands today, but then figured that would probably send me right over the edge again and the snow sealed the deal on staying home this afternoon. We’ll tackle errands later in the week before I leave on Friday afternoon.

With that, I’ll leave you for today with another note from Joseph Goldstein’s talks: It takes practice to alleviate suffering within and without – with every moment of awareness we are developing the wings of compassion and wisdom.

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