Sick Kiddos

Holy crap I’m tired of having sick children! I’ve been either pinned underneath The Girl with a 104 degree fever or trying to talk The Boy out of terrifically long bouts of whining all day. Well, that and at the doctor’s office. They both have the flu and ear infections. Because you know, the flu isn’t enough and my children are trying to be over-achievers. And when I asked the doctor today what we could do to help them she essentially said that we just had to suck it up and wait for it to go away. So, as you can imagine my nerves are raw, my temper is flaring and if I don’t get some personal space soon I might start screaming.

And I find myself wishing for spring and summer. Not that the kids don’t get sick in those seasons, but if they do it seems to be much shorter-lived and nowhere near as often. But I love winter. I really do. I love jeans and big comfy sweaters. And I truly adore flannel sheets. On the other hand, I absolutely abhor being hot. I would rather be uncontrollably shivering than sitting in a puddle of my own sweat. So I almost never actually look forward to summer. But here I am wishing for it because I just can’t take any more sickness. Or wind. Jiminy Christmas the wind will drive me fucking batty if the sickness doesn’t.

So here I am, babbling in your general direction, for the third (or fourth?) straight day. And I am really sorry about that. But I just can’t bring myself to write something of substance right now. This is actually venting thinly disguised as mere babbling. And as sorry as I am for venting in your general direction, if I don’t vent somewhere I’ll wind up being nominated for the World’s Worst Mother for yelling at sick children.

I ask you to just bear with me good readers. The children will get better. And I will regain my own personal brand of sanity. Levity and personal space will return to my life. All will once again be well and healthy. And then the tulips will bloom.

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Linda said...

Yes, alas and alack, this too, shall pass! :)