Speech Writer

I am a master mental speech writer. I almost always have some sort of speech rattling around my head. There are the more predictable speeches. The if one more person butts in front of me in the grocery store I’ll… and the when I ask you to do something it’s not just because I like the sound of my voice speeches. There are the here’s how much I love you and the it’s not you, it’s me speeches. I think we’ve probably all had at least snippets of these form in our heads from time to time.

Then there are the less commonplace speeches. Like the I know I’m losing my best friend and it’s ok, you can go now speech. Or the I still love you after all this time speech. And of course, the don’t you get it speech that can be used on lovers moving farther away, lovers moving too close, kids who don’t understand why they can’t play in the street or friends making self-destructive choices.

But more recently for me, all the speeches in my head have had to do with affairs of the heart. And they’ve mostly been for my own edification, not because I actually plan on delivering them to their intended audience. I’m not quite that brave I suppose. Not yet at least.

The why can’t you see me speeches and the I’m tired of waiting for you to engage speeches. The how can you possibly still love me speeches and the I don’t know why I still love you, but I do speeches. The can we just run away and say screw it to the rest of the world speeches and the loving you is like coming home speeches.

My mind reels with fairytale scenes. My dignified and yet passionate delivery of one of these speeches that moves its audience not only to tears, but most importantly, to action. They are so moved that they cannot help but come and set everything right. But there is no fairytale in my life right now. My feet are firmly planted on the ground and I’m trying to shoo my need for a fairy tale ending under the carpet.

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