“Listen young stunners, winter is over.” – Head like a Kite

I heard this song on the radio this morning and even though it’s a day early, I really loved the image of “young stunners.” Ever since I heard it I’ve had all sorts of lines and thoughts running through my head about all the things that have me stunned as of late.

The Boy pulling on his favorite and stunningly orange shorts for the first time this season. Shorts that he’s been waiting to be able to wear again since the temperatures dropped several months ago. And after being so worried about his reticence to learn to read, I find myself absolutely stunned at the progress he is making in such a short time. He is truly a young stunner in every sense of the words.

The Girl’s stunning love of going to school. Her absolute adoration of the everything having to do with school and how sweet she is when she says thank you for letting her go to school. And the fact that she stuns me every single day with her kindness, creativity and imagination.

My own apparent endless inspiration by so many things around me, and yet having my creative juices stunned into silence whenever I attempt to put those inspirations into words. And the massive pity party I’ve been immersed in this week with being sick and taking stock and finding so very many things lacking. My own stunningly bad aim when trying to hit what I’ve set my sights upon.

The absolute stunningly gorgeous weather we’ve been having and the knowledge that follows that we are certainly in for a very hot and dry summer which does not bode well for much of anything except for banishing the winter blues and making the ski resorts cry.

And the people around me who stun me daily with the depth of their compassion and willingness to walk by my side through the briar patch in which I currently find myself. Their courage that I borrow to face each day knowing exactly nothing about how it’s all going to go down.

I find myself stunned into gratitude by the landscape of my life.

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Linda said...

,,,,and I am stunned and grateful by the landscape of your mind....:)