Sugar High

Sugar is evil. Easter was last weekend so we, of course, are totally overrun with candy. And we made the mistake of leaving the Easter Baskets out where the children could find them when they woke up at o’dark thirty. I think we just honestly didn’t think that they would sneak downstairs and quietly gorge themselves on chocolate and jelly beans before the sun was up. Oh what na├»ve parents we are! Because that is exactly what they did. For about four days before we caught on.

I have spent all week wondering that hell is wrong with my children. I mean I knew that The Girl was almost three and since three is just about the worst thing I’ve experienced thus far, I wasn’t too shocked when all she did all week was whine and cry and throw temper tantrums and be bossy and obstinate. But The Boy? I’ve been totally bowled over by his behavior the last week or so. Outright not listening, making really bad choices and just in general being a pain in my ass. I’ve just been at a complete and total loss with his behavior. But now that I know about the pre-dawn candy raids, it all makes sense.

They have both totally been sugar high all week. Of course they couldn’t concentrate or listen or make rational choices. I mean aside from the face that they are almost 3 and 5 ½, they are usually really very good at thinking before they act. They are sweet and considerate and smart, so much so in fact that I often forget that they are really still just babies. But even putting down my heightened expectations, this week was just above and beyond the bounds of my tolerance.

But now that we’ve caught on, hopefully the overdose of sugar will get purged from their system and things will go back to normal (if that’s possible) in no time. Because I really love and enjoy my kiddos. So it’s not such a fun thing to spend an entire week contemplating how to box them up and sneak them onto a FedEx truck without getting caught and/or reported for child abuse and/or neglect.

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