Sorry and Nana Love

Oh dear readers. I’m sorry. It finally happened. I didn’t write, nor did I post yesterday. As I was finally fading into sleep last night at almost midnight, the thought intruded upon the in between space of nearly asleep but still conscious and I almost sat bolt upright in bed, went downstairs and wrote. But instead I stayed in bed and allowed myself to succumb to the sleep that was rolling towards me. But I am sorry. And I do feel guilty. Seriously.

So here I am trying to decide if I should write just for today or yesterday too. And I’m watching my mom play catch in our family room with The Girl. And they are both just giggling and so completely enjoying the activity of learning from each other. I am almost having a hard time writing as I keep getting sucked into just watching them.

And now The Girl is jumping and jumping and jumping. She’s a jumping fiend. And she desperately wants her Nana to jump with her and my mom is trying to explain to an almost 3 year old how jumping isn’t really an option for her anymore, what with missing a leg and all. It’s a double-edged sword for my kids to have their Nana be an amputee. They’ve grown up with her and thus have zero fear of wheelchairs and the disabled in general, which is wonderful for their world view. They know their Nana is different, but don’t see her as lacking in any way. Her wheelchair has always been a toy and source of great fun for them both. But they also get truly disappointed when she can’t do things like jump up and down with them, because they just do not understand that only having one full leg holds her back from activities like that.

My mom is so wonderful with them. And they just flat adore her. She is such a grounding and playful force in their lives. She has to leave tomorrow, to go home, back to her busy, busy life. And that is so hard, for all of us. She doesn’t want to leave and we wish she could stay forever.


Linda said...

Thanks for this blog Shanyn. I love you all and no, I do not want to leave but slight delay of gratification may just lead to us going wherever we want when we want for as long as we want.....hang in there, I am!

I love you all so much,
Nana Mom :)

Helskel said...

oh good job.

now you have to start over.

next year, 2010.

what a failure you are...
you keep it up for over 90 days.

(*wink... you get at least one get out of jail free card)