Mur Mur

Wow I’m having a hard time writing lately. I’ve lost the rhythm I think. It’s just not there. So those of you who have kept reading, thank you! As I’m well aware that the writing has been shit and more than a little boring as of late. I think I’m just all blah. With everything with The Girl and crazy up and down weather and just some basic blah-ness overall, the writing mojo has left me momentarily.

So here’s some stream of consciousness based on the news I’m watching now. First? Glowing Beagles. Who the fuck thought that was a good idea? I mean seriously?!? These scientists actually got funded to spend time and money specifically breeding dogs that would glow red (yes red) in the dark. Not because the ability to glow red will mean that the dogs can talk or cure cancer or drive the scientists to work, but because they wanted to make them glow. Seriously. I’m tempted to take this opportunity to jump up on one of my favorite soap boxes, but I just don’t have the energy. They say the whole point was that if they were able to implant a specific gene into these animals then that would allow them to be successful implanting other genes. And I know that science works in baby steps. But seriously. Glowing red dogs. Funded. Maybe the first thing they’ll implant in further (funded) studies will be an anti-stupid gene. Now that would be a scientific breakthrough.

Also today, I finally got an interview. Yea!! Downside? They told me that the position only pays $30,000/year (for a full-time experienced and successful grant writer) and they were totally unwilling to work with me as far as scheduling goes. So the organization that I originally had thought was really progressive and very possibly on the cutting edge of community development turns out to be not quite as cool as I had hoped. So I turned down the interview. But at least I finally got one right? (Just nod and agree with me.)

So yeah. I think that’s about it for tonight. I’m tired and I go right back to the daily grind tomorrow. Good night!


sh said...

What if they had called it Art instead of Science?

Kristi said...

Didn't they just create some glowing mice? Wasn't that enough. Really, why would I need a doggy night light? Thats just plain creepy.

Yay for you on getting an interview! Sorry it didnt turn out as you expected though.

mosaica said...

sh - I'm pretty sure that had it been for art, I would not have been able to stop myself from leaping upon the soap box. :)

And thanks Kristi! Something will come along...