Baby Love

One of my girlfriends from college is having a baby shower this weekend. It’s her first baby and aside from it making my uterus hurt, she’s being so friggin’ cute I can hardly stand it. She lives in another state so she’s been sending out pictures of her burgeoning baby bump and ultra sound pictures from her burgeoning baby. It just thrills me that she is involving me and all our other girlfriends in this journey of hers.

I went to get her shower present the other day and I walked through Babies R Us with this sort of dazed half smile on my face the entire time. Thinking back to what my must-haves were when I was just bringing my babies home for the first time. And smiling even bigger when I thought about what I thought my must- haves were before the baby was born and what they were after. Looking at all the teeny tiny baby clothes and all the new schtuff they have for the wee ones these days. Not quite being able to remember what it felt like to not be a parent. And in the grand scheme of things, I’ve not been a mom for all that long. The Boy will only (!) be six in September.

I get so over the moon excited for my friends when they have babies. Whether it’s their first or their last, it’s just an event that makes me happy. I gush and I go overboard with presents and offer to help or lend advice or share birth stories. I stare at pictures for a wee bit longer than is probably natural. But the whole thing just makes me so dang happy!

And I think at the end of the day, maybe that’s what makes me such a good mom (most of the time). The fact that I just relish in this job. Even when it’s hard and both children are whining at me and I’m throwing threats at them like my sanity depended on it (which it often times does). I just love this and everything that goes with it. So forgive me R, if you’re reading this, I’ve only just begun…

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