4/4/09 - Day One Getaway Weekend

The house we rented is crazy cool and eclectic. It is two octagons joined in the middle by a dining room. It is so much bigger inside that I ever would have thought it was. Underneath the house is the hot spring pool. It’s huge. And the whole property is right on the creek. It’s just beautiful and we’ve gotten to watch huge herds of deer cross the creek several times a day. It’s really very lovely.

All of it is just lovely. We went to Salida today to walk around and check out the town since it had been so long since any of us had been up here and it’s really a very artsy little mountain town. So we spent the morning walking from gallery to gallery until it was time to make our way back to the Treehouse for lunch.

We went into one really amazing gallery called Culture Clash and I found a new artist to love. He moved here after Hurricane Katrina and now lives in Salida, but does shows in Denver as well. He does this amazing industrial art. He makes these rockets out of so many different things, some with old 50’s thermoses for the body of the rocket. And he also made these “Robot Hearts,” that were hearts pieced together and glued onto metal trays made from an assortment of industrial pieces with little pops of color thrown in from bottle caps or old advertisements. Just really beautiful, creative and new. All of his pieces really clicked with me. I’m going to have to look up his next show in Denver.

There were naps and reading and quiet and lots of food throughout the day. We watched “Mamma Mia” tonight before heading to bed. And it’s just such a sweet movie; so rooted in the heart. It totally speaks to the ridiculously hopeless romantic in me. Makes me all weepy and wishy for romance to sail into my life once again. Such silliness. But it was really fun to watch it with girlfriends and sing along to all the wonderful ABBA songs!

Such a killer start to a getaway weekend. Such an opportunity to just be. Again.

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