4/20/09 - The Hospital

I did not sleep at all last night. I alternated rolling around in this folded flat sorry excuse for a recliner and pacing the halls of the pediatric floor. I read for a bit. Nurses kept walking past me asking me if there was anything they could get me. A dear friend took a few minutes away from his party all night indulgence to text back and forth with me and get my mind off my surroundings. But I did not sleep. And the nurses woke up The Girl very, very early to take her vitals and mess with her IV.

We spent most of yesterday in the ER doing tests and then waiting for the corresponding results. Almost none of which were helpful. Which is always a double edged sword. I mean I would never want anything to be wrong with my daughter, but I’d love to know what the hell happened in her little body to bring on the trauma of yesterday. Then we were admitted for observation and more tests.

The Girl, for her part, has been so sweet, patient and wonderful that she has made all the nurses and doctors fall completely in love with her.

She had a chest x-ray this morning and the x-ray tech gave her this sweet little gardening apron as her reward for being so good. She hasn’t taken it off yet and it looks just adorable on top of her little hospital gown.

Here’s what we know thus far: she had what’s called a Simple Tonic Clonic Febrile Seizure and has a pretty bad case of pneumonia. It’s termed a “simple” seizure purely because it was her first seizure and it lasted for less than 15 minutes. And it was caused by a sharp and fast rise in her body temperature. She should outgrow these kinds of seizures by the time she’s 6-7 and it does not necessarily predispose her to full-blown epilepsy. For all we know, she may never have another seizure again.

But the next 3 or so years will hold an extra level of fever vigilance for us. And me trying to relearn how to trust her body to sustain her life.

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