I always kind of thought that should one of my children ever have some major health issue that required constant monitoring and/or vigilance, that I would be one of the breezy, cool moms who was able to maintain the required level of vigilance without restraining their free will. But after watching The Girl have a 12-minute long Tonic Clonic seizure on Saturday, I’m not entirely sure I’ll ever be able to be breezy about her and fevers again.

It was a febrile seizure, which apparently are caused by an incredibly fast rise in body temperature. She went down for a nap totally normal then she woke up 90 minutes later with a relatively high fever and within 20 minutes of waking up was seizing and I was calling 911.

I’ve been writing quite a bit in my head over the last few days, in the ambulance, in the hospital pacing the pediatric floor at 2am, watching the nurses and doctors fuss over and poke at The Girl much to her dismay. So I’ll fill in the last few days throughout today and tomorrow most likely as I’m able to sift through all of that writing and try to pull out the coherent thoughts and separate it from the absolute hysteria and terror.

The last couple of weeks have just totally fucked my track record with this blog. Between all the travelling, bumpy re-entry from that travelling and now trauma with The Girl, April has not been a good month for following through with this project. But hopefully I’ll be able to get back into a routine of sorts and get back to writing and posting every day.

Because of everything going on with The Girl, I will obviously not be going to Vegas with my mom this weekend (sadness!!! No Masaharu Morimoto sushi for me…). So that will at least remove one speed bump to keeping up with this project. Vegas will still be there when she is better and we aren’t staring down the impending barrel of gigantic medical bills. Maybe I’ll just go to my favorite local sushi place. It won’t be the same, but hopefully I’ll be able to muster a breezy attitude.

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