I am a foodie at heart. I just flat love really good food. I love to cook for the people I love. I love to eat it. I love to research it. I love to look at recipes. I love to read restaurant reviews. I love to watch the food channel. I love to take copious mental notes of all the places I want to eat at in all the different cities I want to go.

I was supposed to be in Las Vegas tonight, most likely eating at Michael Mina’s SeaBlue restaurant. They do everything a Mediterranean twist. They have an entire section of the menu devoted to tajine cooking. They mostly use a grill to cook the seafood. And in my research I found that it was just gorgeous inside – like eating in the ocean. I was looking forward to that dinner.

And then tomorrow I was going to go have sushi (solo while my mom was in her conference) at Masaharu Morimoto’s Sushi Roku. I have been watching Morimoto on Iron Chef for years. Ever since The Food Network first debuted the original Japanese version of the show, I’ve wanted to eat this man’s food. He’s just so gloriously creative within the bounds of traditional Japanese cuisine. I was really looking forward to that lunch.

Sunday morning we were going to go the Sunday champagne brunch at The Bellagio. I’ve seen this brunch buffet featured on The Food Channel, in Gourmet Magazine and referred to all over the place. The spread they lay out at this sucker probably would have rendered me not only speechless but unable to eat anything else the rest of the day. But we would have made room to have dinner at Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood Restaurant. Rick Moonen is not only a brilliant chef but also completely committed to only working with sustainable, impeccably fresh and in season ingredients.

All of this food is what I was most looking forward to about this trip. But it will all still be there for the next time I can swing a Vegas getaway. And probably by then I’ll have a few more must eats to add to the list.

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Linda said...

Thanks for reminding me of just how much fun and good eats we were going to "endure" :) But I think we should shoot for our birthdays instead.....now I'm really hungry and know that I will now get the food that we planned on - maybe the brunch at the Bellagio while all else are in church? :) ? :)