Lazy Day

There is something to be said for lazy days. I mean one of my most favorite things in the world is making a to-do list and methodically checking off every last item. There is a tremendous sense of accomplishment in that, even if only in the most trivial of senses.

But every once in a while I just really like to have days where I hang out and do whatever moves me through the day. Putting on clean workout clothes and then not working out. Playing on the computer. Building Lego’s and playing board games with The Girl. Telling her how pretty she is when she gets all gussied up in her finest of princess/fairy dress up clothes and dons her fanciest tiara. It is a lovely thing to just be able to play and lounge and be without agenda. Even when I have more items than I would like to admit on my to-do list.

The Girl and I had just one of these days today and it was lovely. She curled up on the couch and slipped into sleep while watching a movie and I let her sleep while I took the opportunity to jump in the shower solo for a change. After reluctantly waking her (an easy bedtime is vastly more important than a few quiet moments in the afternoon) we spent the rest of the hour or so before The Boy and my husband got home cuddling without guilt.

Watching The Boy start school and remembering how fast time goes (and it only seems to be picking up speed) I have just been really trying to slow down and enjoy the time I have with my children as they are in every moment. And granted, some of those moments are filled with nothing more than my want to punt them for mouthing off or not listening, but mostly I am just rediscovering their joy. Focusing on the playtime instead of just what has to be done next. Recommitting, in a way, to being present and authentic in every possible way.

And trying not to count the days since my interview. Definitely not counting down the days until I might hear back.

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