8/27/09 - Depeche Mode

**Sorry this is late! But I was out way late with the concert and lost track of time yesterday to get it posted.**

My elementary school best friend, M, and I went to a movie one night when we were in about fifth grade. We had planned to see Fletch (I think), but when we arrived at the theater we discovered that Depeche Mode: 101 was playing. At that point I only really knew their song “People are People” and hadn’t really explored them much past that. After seeing 101 however, I had discovered one of my all-time most favorite bands. I can look back on sitting in that movie theater and remember exactly how it felt to be in the moment of discovery. Up to that point I hadn’t ever really found any bands that I could throw it all in with. I had a few favorites; I had discovered The Beastie Boys by then in all of their unrefined and crazy punk and early hip hop glory days. My love affair had begun with The Cure. But there was something about Depeche Mode that just romanced me like none other had before.

I am such a sucker for lyrics and the underlying beats in songs. Martin Gore constructed these songs that was driving and strong while still being inspired, honest and raw. His lyrics are just so naked. Where Robert Smith spoke to the overflowing teen angst and hopeless romantic in me, Dave Gahan singing spoke to all of me.

I know this must all sound so ridiculous and dramatic. But Depeche Mode has truly provided the soundtrack to three quarters of my life thus far. Their music is just a part of me. And they are the only band in my top 10 favorites that I’ve not ever seen live in concert. But that is going to change tonight. I’m going to see Depeche Mode, not only in concert, but in concert at Red Rocks. I bought these tickets so long ago that I wasn’t sure the actual concert would ever arrive, but tonight is the night and I cannot wait.

M and I are going out for Indian food and then going to pick up D and off we go. I’m so happy that I get to go to this concert with these girlfriends.

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