8/6/09 - Home Sweet College

I’m here. Back at my alma mater. Except that it only sort of resembles the school that I left 10 years ago. There are new academic buildings and residence halls and almost every single older building has been completely renovated. The town has also completely changed. There are bright shiny new buildings where there used to be mom and pop hotels. Old buildings have new coats of paint or shingles or siding and new names. But the shoe store I used to live over is still there. The sign is even still the same. I would love to go knock on the door just to see if it still looks the same. The old gorgeous movie theater that I always loved is still there and the people who run it are still so very, very kind (I don’t have cell service anywhere in town so I pulled in to borrow their phone). There’s a brand new hospital to replace the quaint “please call before you come so we can have a nurse on hand to help you” one that was here while I was in college and had to utilize when a kidney infection knocked me senseless.

Part of my interview schedule is a campus tour. And I was sort of dreading that part because it would mean walking around outside in the 99 degree heat in a suit for an hour. But now I am really looking forward to it. I cannot wait to see what my college has grown into and learn about where it’s going next. The campus is still so gorgeous and green and everyone is just as nice as I remember.

The HR Director took me out to dinner when I got here and I ran into an old friend outside the restaurant. I have always loved that about this small town. Everyone says hello and excuse me and thank you. And you run into friends without even trying. It was nice to see his face. And if I had cell service, we’d probably be having a beer right now and catching up.

Instead I’m sitting in this totally posh room they put me in, really looking forward to tomorrow.

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