Draft Day

The draft is done. And I am pretty sure that I won’t ever be happy with my draft pick order. But overall it went pretty well. I got Peyton Manning, who is always my boy. And I fared pretty well with my wide receiver picks with Andre Johnson and Dwayne Bowe (one of my go-to guys the past two years). As usual, my running backs are going to be an ever shifting piece of my overall roster as I lost all of my top picks early in the game. I’m hip deep in rooky running backs which has usually worked out pretty well for me. I picked up Adrian Peterson my first year because I loved him as a Sooner and then I was able to pick up Chris Johnson last year right as he was busting out. This year I’m hoping Beanie Wells and Donald Brown will be break out rookies. And I was able to pick up Brian Robiskie as a back-up wide receiver who is poised to really do something crazy if he can be in the right place at the right time. And even though I’m really wishing that Brett Favre would give up the ghost and just stayed retired already, I’m counting on his penchant for using all of his available receivers to give Visanthe Shiancoe a good showing. All in all, I’m pretty happy.

One of my biggest weaknesses playing fantasy football has always been my focus on individual players instead of looking at the whole big picture within the NFL as well as across teams. And it got me this year as well with several of my players having coinciding bye weeks. So you can be sure there will some cussing come those weeks as I am deciding how to shuffle my roster. But I’ll deal with that (with choice words) as it comes.

So now I’m free for the day (even though it’s now half over) and I am debating going to see a movie and having sushi. Or just staying in my PJ’s all day and doing nothing. I can’t quite decide. Whichever I choose, it’s just nice to have a quiet house and no expectations.

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