8/21/09 - Gift Organization

**I thought I might get this one in under the wire, but it was 12:02 when I posted it.**

I got an unexpected surprise today. My husband and one of his friends decided to take the kids camping for the weekend. So out of nowhere I got a whole weekend to myself. I love having the house to myself every so often, although this time I do admit I don’t quite know what to do with myself. And I always get nervous when the kids go camping. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I trust my husband explicitly. It’s the wandering bear or mountain lion who might mistake my luscious blonde haired, blue eyed children as a mid-day snack. Or of an uncoordinated kid step straight into the fire. Or the odd tumble down a mountain. Those are the things that run through my crazy head when my kids go camping.

Well that and sushi. I always crave sushi when I’m on my own. Probably because I almost never get to have it so when I think of ways to pamper myself, sushi is always the first thing that jumps to my mind. And seaweed salad. Maybe for lunch tomorrow…

H is trying to get me to come to Denver and play for the day tomorrow (he tried for tonight but my fantasy football draft is tomorrow earlier than would be easy to get back here when I’ve been up half the night drinking and throwing darts). If I can talk them into sushi I may just head that way. What else am I going to do? Sit on the couch and re-watch movies I’ve seen way too many times to admit? Yeah, I really should make better use of this gift.

Instead I have been prepping for the draft tomorrow morning. Reading my favorite ESPN fantasy writer, getting my draft line-up organized so that I have everything all set-up for what I want and what I need. And I am nervous. I’m always nervous going up against these women. They are brilliant and all have the sharpest wit I’ve ever known. Plus? They are really pissed off that I’ve won the last two years. So I’m not foreseeing a whole lot of welcome from their general direction.

We shall see what tomorrow holds.

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