Guinea Pigs on the Horizon

It feels like this year is rocketing past me. The Boy’s (and my husband’s) birthday is in about a month and I haven’t really given much thought to what we’re going to do for his birthday. Although I did open my big fat mouth a few months ago (fully counting on The Boy to forget all about what came out of it) and said that if he buckled down on his chore charts and proved that he was responsible and could follow through on that responsibility that we would get him a pet of his own for his birthday. He has indeed not forgotten. And has, in fact, totally followed through on his chores to the point that we don’t even have to help him anymore. We simply ask him to do his chores and he does them. Without complaint or missing a beat. It’s pretty cool and, even though the idea of having yet something else to take care of feels daunting, has definitely earned him a pair of guinea pigs for his birthday.

The upside to the whole guinea pig prospect is that I found an organization that rescues and adopts out guinea pigs and chinchillas. So we don’t have to buy them, we can adopt them! And that makes me very happy. We asked his Aunt and Uncle to give him a gift certificate to PetsMart to help with set up and my parents have agreed to split it all with us as well. So hopefully we’ll be able to have the cage and essentials already purchased for his actual birthday and then we can go to Denver to adopt the guinea pigs and he can use his gift certificate to pick out some toys and treats for them.

Hopefully it will work out just that easily. The Boy is planning on asking his Nana Ro and Papa Tractor for a skateboard. I wish we knew some older kids in the neighborhood that already knew how to ride a skateboard so he could have some real instruction with it instead of just having to figure it out. But I’m sure he’ll triumphantly have the scraped knees to show for his own efforts.

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