Fantasy Research

The Girl tried to bring a baby home in her pocket today. We went to go see J’s brand new baby boy today and The Girl fell promptly in love with him. She held him several times and petted his cheeks and arms and cooed over him. She asked more than once when we could get a baby of our own; when I was going to give her a baby from my belly. “Maybe for Brother’s birthday?” Yeah. That’s a hard conversation to have with a three year old.

The Boy has been begging for a baby too. He has started double-teaming us now by not just asking me, but also asking my husband. We’re being ganged up on. It’s not really all that fair.

I also just realized today that my fantasy football draft is only 9 days away. Eek! As I believe I’ve mentioned before (and if I didn’t I sure as hell should have, it’s serious bragging rights) I am the two time reigning champion of my fantasy football league. This means a couple of things. The first and foremost is that the rest of the league is going to be seriously gunning for me this year. Last year they probably just figured it was a fluke, but then I won again (and stole the title on a rogue game that my opponent should have won), so it’s serious game on this year. And it also means that now I have some serious defending to do. I need to buckle down and get my research done so I can pad my roster with my choice rookies (assuming I don’t get totally hosed in the draft order this year like I did last year) as well as getting my top players.

I play in an all girl, pretty bad ass league made up of some of the smartest, wittiest women I know. So even the banter and trash talk can get intimidating at times. I’m pretty sure the gloves will be off this year. So I need to get all of this baby talk out of my head and concentrate on my pre-draft research already. It’s time to get my priorities in order!

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