He's a First Grader Now!

“Hey mom, can you tell me about Michael Jackson?” – The Boy

Here we go. The Boy is officially school age. His exposure to all things pop culture has begun. Although I must say that I’m shocked that it’s starting with Michael Jackson of all people. I mean he hadn’t started his comeback yet and his music is not in our rotation. I grew up loving him. Standing in front of the huge mirror downstairs singing along, trying to dance just a little bit less like a white girl after catching his music videos on MTV at friends’ houses. I loved him in elementary school. But Michael Jackson has not been in my regular music listening habits for years and years.

I was expecting High School Musical perhaps. Or maybe something having to do with Pokemon or some other new fangled role playing game. I was definitely expecting something I had never heard of. Instead? He comes at me with Michael Jackson. So strange. Not that I’m unhappy with it. I would rather talk about Michael Jackson than some vapid new invention someone has come up with bleed parents dry of patience and funds. It will be interesting to see what else he brings home with him.

On another totally surprised note, I expected The Boy to be flat exhausted when I picked him up from school since this is the first time he’s gone to school all day. And his school doesn’t mess around; they start school at 8am and get out at 4pm. So I totally expected him to be asleep before I left the parking lot. But in the ultimate sign that he is indeed more than ready for full day schooling, he didn’t even doze in the car. He was awake and chatting the whole time. You know, picking my brain about Michael Jackson, telling me about his science class and the girl he made friends with but doesn’t remember her name.

We’ve entered a whole new stage of child rearing. And it’s definitely going to keep me on my toes. I can’t wait to see what the weeks to come bring with them and how this new stage changes my Boy.

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