Random Thoughts

Random thoughts:

I’m pretty sure I’m an over-sharer. I have several blogs that I read on a regular basis. Some are themed to a specific topic and some are more journalistic like this one has become. But the theme through them all is that they don’t lay bare their souls on a daily basis to the ethers of the internets. They all have filters it seems because I’m sure they all have stresses and bad days just like I do, but they somehow manage to not share every single iota of minutiae with their readers. Apparently I do not have one of said filters. I’m sure you wish that I would procure one post haste.

My alma mater just announced who they hired for the job I wanted so badly and did not get. She’s quite a bit younger than I am, has a Master’s degree and has been involved with campus activities since graduating. So she has the campus ties that I don’t have and she has the higher level degree which I don’t have. And I’m sure she’s a very nice person, which is up for debate about me. But from what I can tell from the announcement she does not have any alumni/donor experience. So she got the job because she seems like a better PR candidate instead of possessing the core experience and expertise. And that pisses me off. I should have expected it, but it still pisses me off. So I’m having some bitterness today.

I made a fairly successful chicken korma last night. Although pretty much the whole meal was a big fat cheat. I used a jarred korma spice mix. I used rotisserie chicken that I just cut up and heated through with the veggies, cashews (pre-roasted), raisins, spices, a bit of water and milk (I didn’t have any whipping cream on hand). I even used microwavable jasmine rice. But it tasted good and took me about 20 minutes to put together. The Boy liked it. The Girl wouldn’t touch it. My husband picked at it. I’m having the rest of it for lunch today.

Mercury is doing something funky and I’m a Gemini. Welcome to my day.

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