Another Happy Birthday!

One of the first times I ever really met my husband was on his 21st birthday. I saw him long enough to wish him a happy birthday before his fraternity brothers took him bar hopping. I saw him again several hours later when those same brothers deposited him face down on the floor in the quad. After standing around him for a while, occasionally checking to make sure he was still breathing, someone flipped him over and brought out the markers. I wrote something loving on his forehead with a big black Sharpie and bid him good night. If I remember correctly, it took him several days to get all the marker off his face. He was already nursing a crush for me at that point, so I was quickly forgiven, but it’s still one of the funniest memories I have of him.

Today is his 32nd birthday. I don’t make grand plans for his birthdays anymore as he’s made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t really like to celebrate his birthday much. And he had to work today anyway, so we couldn’t really have done much. But I made him his favorite mismatched breakfast – orange cinnamon rolls and bacon and tried to let him just have a fun day when he wasn’t working. My mom took us all out for dinner, which is always a nice treat.
It’s been a nice weekend, celebrating my two favorite boys. Pampering them silly just because I can. I wish I could find ways to pamper them on a daily basis. But it’s hard to find new ways to pamper someone you’ve been with for 10 years and it’s even harder to pamper a 6-year old boy who changes his mind every 17 minutes. But I try. I try to make them their favorite meals whenever I can. I try to do little things for them that will make them smile or let them know that I’ve noticed. I do what I can because they deserve it, I love them and it’s my job.

Happy Birthday my husband. I hope this next year is full of hope, the best kind of surprises, success, health and happiness for you.

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