Oy vay. Today was the first day of our garage sale. And I hoped that it would kick off with a bang. That I’d have people fighting over stuff, or at least a steady stream of lookers and buyers. Or at least decent weather for The Girl and I to sit out in the driveway all day smiling weakly at people driving by ogling our schtuff in the yard. Or at least enough people to make it worth our while.

What we got however was gale force, relentlessly cold wind. All day long. I didn’t even get half of the stuff put out because I quickly tired of having to chase knick knacks and children’s clothing across the neighbor’s lawns. I’m not a fan of wind under the best circumstances, but on this day where I needed stuff to sit still on our driveway so people could look at it and then give me money for it, this much wind had me shaking my fist at the skies and on the verge of tears.

But then I returned to my senses and remembered that weather is not personal and that it is the middle of September after all and I should have known that this was a risk having a garage sale this late in the season.

The Girl had a blast playing with toys she hasn’t seen for the past year (so they were, of course, new to her once more) and didn’t seem to mind the wind much once I got her bundled up. And if I count the ladies who came last night to paw through the bins and bins of kids’ clothes we have, we had a really good first day. So I really can’t complain that much. I’m hoping the wind dissipates over night so we can have a clear and still day tomorrow to get rid of pretty much everything that is left. I really don’t want to spend my entire weekend on the driveway.

I’m tired. And windblown. And glad that my husband will be around for day two. And really looking forward to our stay-at-home-date-night this evening featuring tasty Greek food after the kiddos go to bed.

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