Football and a Birthday Party

Alright. I got nothin’ today. I woke up with a pounding headache this morning and it has been with me all day in varying degrees. I’ve got some serious allergies kicking my ass and I’m just generally not in a great mood today.

Today is the kickoff to the fantasy football season and my star quarterback, whom I’ve loved long time, had a crappy day. The one star running back that I have also had a crappy day. My kicker didn’t put up any points at all. Right now my defense is the only component of my entire fantasy team putting up any points at all and that’s because they are playing the Bears offense which has yet to figure out how to play as a team. All three of my rookies either didn’t play or had crappy days. It’s just been a crappy day all around. Except for my backup quarterback who had a killer day and was, of course, benched.

I took the kids to a birthday party today and that was fun. Although as the kids get older I’ve noticed that the back yard parties have started to get more and more out of hand both in volume and activity level. All of these boys who have known each other since they started walking are now getting huge and powerful and loud. But as always, it was lovely to see this particular set of friends and I always love to see what sort of cake C is going to make for his children. Today he made a Millennium Falcon and two X-wings while his sister added an R2-D2 to the mix. It’s really very impressive. I think they should totally do it as a side venture. And E is still gorgeous and glowing in her pregnancy. The kids passed out in the car on the way home, which was a nice surprise. So my husband and I get the evening to ourselves to watch the season finale of True Blood and the football game.

My head is still pounding, but it was a good day all in all. Even though my beloved Peyton temporarily forgot how to play the game of football.


leomange said...

My fantasy team won this week and LT hasn't even played yet. Who knew Brees would be credited with 6 TDs, and the Eagles Defense would dominate Carolina so thoroughly. Great weekend, but I'm afraid I may have used up all my beginner's luck.

Hope our paths cross in a couple of weeks.

mosaica said...

I never in a million years would have guessed that you played fantasy football!!

All of the preseason pointers took Brees to be the breakout QB this season..so I'm not all that surprised. And I would have taken him, but Peyton is just my boy, has always been. And it's not all that hard to dominate Carolina...but the Eagles are due, or at least they were until they picked up Vick. I can't wait to talk FF with you!! ;)

And I SO hope we can get together when you're in town!!


leomange said...

I got roped into it, and it's my first year. I listened to the hype about Brees and got on that bandwagon. I think Carolina is gonna be about as good as it gets for the rest of the season, but it was nice while it lasted.

I'll be working out something of an itinerary this weekend. I'll be in touch! Take care of you...