9/5/09 - Weekend Writer's Block

**Sorry this is late, I flat forgot to post it yesterday!**

I have a hard time writing these blog posts on the weekends. During the week, there is always something going on, something that I’m working on or figuring. Something begging to be written out. On the weekends however, I try to settle in to a different pace. Slow things down, in the hopes that not only the weekends will move a bit more slowly, but also so that I don’t miss a moment of whatever it is that we’re doing (especially if I’m stealing an hour or so of alone time). Also because we’re flat broke, we hardly ever do anything interesting.

The weekends are typically full of chores and errands, hanging out around the house, catching up on the little things like dusting and email, bathing the dogs and getting ready for an overly belated garage sale. Watching the kids play in the yard with all of their neighborhood friends. There is just a whole other rhythm to the weekends and it makes it hard for me to write about them. The Boy never has homework because his school thinks that being in school for a solid 8 hours a day is enough. The Girl follows her brother around waiting for him to bless her with some sort of amazing new revelation or game. And they both follow their dad around begging to play tag or launch some other soon to be beloved adventure.

These posts usually take me about 20 minutes to write and publish on weekdays. On the weekends I am lucky if they take twice that long; they usually take three or four times as long. Mostly, I think, because the order and focus that I keep up on the weekdays, just falls away on the weekends. So my brain wanders to and fro and is very rarely able to pull a concentrated eye on just about anything.

My mind turns into the aimlessly jaunting thing that is currently being illustrated by this very post. Case in point? I have been staring at this page now for the last 45 minutes. It could be infuriating except that it’s the weekend and that is just not how I roll on the weekends.

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