9/10/09 - Garage Sale Time

** Sorry this is late!! I got all busy and flat forgot to post it yesterday. **

We are having a garage sale tomorrow. It is more than a year overdue. We started moving stuff earmarked for the garage sale out of the house over a year ago. We have been storing it in our garage thinking that any day we’d get our parking spots back and make some money at the same time. But thing after thing just piled up and we were no closer to selling or giving it all away and reclaiming our garage.

So I just decided last weekend that we were just going to do it. I no longer cared whether it was perfectly organized and advertised. I didn’t give a rip if it was pretty late in the “garage sale season” to be doing this. I just wanted it done. I wanted to sell what we could and make some space. I have been simultaneously dreading and looking forward to it ever since I made the decision. And to make sure I follow through with it, I started advertising for it today on Craigslist and a mom’s group forum I am a part of. The Girl and I went and got some signs today that I will ask my husband to put up around the neighborhood. This sucker is just happening.

There has always been one problem with me having garage sales, however. It’s actually sort of a two-fold problem. When I go garage-saleing I fully expect for prices to be rock bottom. I mean I come close to taking it as personal offense if I have to pay more than a few dollars for something. And I have a hard time thinking that anything I would put in my own garage sale could possible command much more than that as well. So I tend to price things extraordinarily cheaply. Which is great for moving stuff off my driveway, but not as great as it could be for, you know, actually making some money from it.

But it’s fine in the long run. If the lesson we learn from this whole bankruptcy thing is to find and embrace the beauty and freedom of simplicity, I will take cleaning out my garage as a terrific first step.

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