There are a whole slew of pedantic things I could write about today. Like the fact that we retained the services of a lawyer today and that in another week we’ll be officially filing with the court system for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Or the fact that The Boy’s school got shut down today because half of the student body has been absent all week exhibiting “flu-like symptoms.” And that it will stay shut down until next Wednesday as they do a top to bottom sanitization of the entire building and hope that having the kids out of contact with each other for a week will stop the contagion cycle. And me wondering what the hell I am going to do with my children for the next week (with little to no spending money) with no school for The Boy who is now utterly accustomed to being engaged just about every minute of every day.

Or the fact that The Girl has had two solid days of throw herself down, scream and throw things prime of her 3-year old life temper tantrums. I was just beginning to think that perhaps I had escaped the 3’s with her, at least to the extent that The Boy had tortured me throughout his 3rd year of life. And then two days in a row she’s had utter and complete meltdowns to the point where I could not take her out in public. All I could do was sit her in her room and let her go. Whatever she needed to do in order to extract herself from screaming banshee mode and back into sweet little girl mode.

Or the fact that I am so completely focused on hiding from my own emotional ramifications of this whole bankruptcy thing that I’ve totally tuned the rest of the world out. My husband worriedly touched base with me last night; attempting to make sure everything was ok. And I’m not entirely sure how “I’m fine, I just don’t really want to talk to or see anyone right now, I just want to read” could be reassuring. But I think he knows me well enough by now to know I’ll be back soon.

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