People's Fair

Today is my mom’s birthday – Happy Birthday Mom!! She came to spend the weekend with us and we went to the People’s Fair in Denver today. It’s sort of a tradition for us as it always falls the first weekend in June so is always close to our birthdays. We’ve been going to the fair for as long as I can remember. Ever since it was small enough to be contained by Civic Center Park with room to spare. Now they close off a huge chunk of downtown around the park and it takes an entire day to go through all the booths, investigate all the food and check out all the music.

It is prime people watching fun. Although I do have to admit that it’s more fun when we can go sans children. There is a ton of stuff for the kids to do and see, but the sheer volume of people alone makes for a nerve wracking day just making sure I know where they are all the time. Plus my kids are just not all that fond of shopping. Especially for the things that I really like to shop for, like jewelry and clothes and art. I often find new (to me) artists that blow my mind. But it’s just really hard to peruse over expensive bobbles or canvases when you’re trying to keep your kiddos from pawing the merchandise. But with or without kids, it’s a beginning of summer tradition that I always look forward to.

And when I found a necklace that I absolutely fell in love with (and whose price tag made me squint my eyes in pain) that I went ahead and got (despite the miserly guilt voice ranting in my head) I did my best to talk my mom into going back for the necklace that had made her light up. It’s her birthday after all! But then the sky opened up again and we were getting drenched and she decided that no necklace was worth braving hail and down pour twice in one day.

Even with the deluge, it was a lovely day and as always, it I hope my mom had a lovely birthday!

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Linda said...

And of course I did even with the rain and hail - boy those hail balls stung didn't they? But mostly I had fun because I was with my family whom I adore and wish I could spend each and every day with in some manner and fashion. I love the necklace and you deserve a treat - so don't pack for the trip - enjoy it as it looks beautiful on your neck! I love you so in all ways. Thank you for a really de-light-full birthday. xoxoxo :)