H Day 4

I really, really hate dealing with doctors. Especially when the only friend I have who happens to be a doctor, and could have been a gigantic help with navigation and resources, is in Cyprus for two weeks. When the hospital discharged mom yesterday they explained in no uncertain terms that her incision site from the angiogram/plasty needed to be seen within a week and she needed to follow up with a cardiologist within two weeks. I knew from the moment they said that that the cardiologist piece would be the toughest demand to follow. I thought perhaps I could find her one here in two weeks, but didn’t quite know where to start on the other.

But this morning I jumped in with both feet. I spent all morning on the phone getting appointments lined up. Explaining over and over again how mom doesn’t live here, but she just had a heart attack and is staying with me for a couple of weeks so we needed to get her follow up care started now instead of waiting for her to get home. And even though two different hospitals had no problem taking her insurance, I was told by a huge cardiologist group here in town that she had never heard of my mom’s health insurance company. So therefore, it must not exist. I finally got her to believe me and then she started in on the whole “we need a referral from her PCP in order to see her.” I was almost screaming by the time I got off the phone with her. But, if I can get her doc in NM to fax a referral letter soon, then they can see her on Friday.

I’m tired. Tired in a way that I never even thought existed. But I think that I’m doing better when I have something to do; something concrete to focus on. At least it was something to do this morning, haggling with these scheduling people and nurses. Just like doling out pills and taking blood pressures and asking over and over again how mom’s feeling.

Right now I’m better in motion, with purpose and determination. Rather than sitting still being tired.

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