Another Opportunity

I scored another job interview today. It’s a position that I wasn’t sure about when I applied for it. Mostly just because the job advertisement didn’t explain it very thoroughly. But the human resources person called me today and she explained it more explicitly and I think it’s a job that I am completely qualified for, but would be really different from anything I’ve ever done before. First of all, it is a business, not a nonprofit and I haven’t worked outside of the nonprofit realm since I was in high school. Secondly, the company has 1,300 employees. Holy shit!! Not only has it been about 7 years since I worked in an office to begin with, but I’ve never worked in an office that big.

The idea of it is pretty daunting because of the sheer size and how long it’s been since I have had to really answer to someone else. I’ve essentially been my own boss for the last 7 years and when I was working with other people, it was mostly working with peers. It has been a long time since I’ve been immersed in a traditional office hierarchy. And I still maintain that I don’t play all that well with others.

The flip side is that the idea of working with that many people, of being a bit anonymous is kind of exciting. To just be able to put my head down and do what is assigned to me. Not having to worry about the huge decisions, not having to be the point of contact for clients. Just doing the express job that is put in front of me and then going home sounds extremely appealing right about now. And the idea of working with that many people would open up a totally new social atmosphere for me that I haven’t had access to for quite a while.

I’ve spent the last several years juggling being home with the kiddos while trying to run my business and I’m so tired of it I can hardly see straight. Aside from the tremendous help the steady paycheck will lend our financial situation, I just can’t wait to physically go back to work!

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Linda said...

Honey I think that is great for all the reasons you state and remember when I went in to the practice to do MX and the thought of working for others was so foreign to me....but these people have become family in a short period of time and I really enjoy going in and doing the work.....give it a chance. xoxo Mom :)