Not A Good Day

So. This day started with me totally willing to meet it head on and enjoy whatever came. At least until I opened my eyes and realized that I had a massive headache. That only got worse as the morning progressed. Damn it! Now I had to cancel my breakfast plans with R which literally took us about two months to get scheduled. I just couldn’t handle trying to sit through breakfast while my eyes wouldn’t focus and waves of nausea rolled over me.

Fine. Drop kids off, come home and relax, maybe go back to bed until I had to pick them up. Came home, was able to relax enough that the migraine sank into the background. Left to go pick up The Boy from summer school. Got there, was perhaps 1-2 minutes late, and went to the cafeteria where I have picked him up all week. He’s nowhere to be found. I go to his classrooms. Nope. Go to the office. Not so much. They make an announcement over the loud speaker that he should return to the office immediately. Five minutes go by and still no Boy. Now I’m getting worried. So I start combing the halls with any and all school personnel that I can find along the way. It took us 15 minutes to find him. Turns out he got tired of waiting in the cafeteria and thought he would just go get on one of the school buses to take him home. When we finally found him, my head was reeling with thoughts of “Oh my God! I can’t remember what he was wearing this morning! What will I tell people to look for if I can’t remember what he looks like?!?” I kneeled before him with tears flowing down my face and just hugged him tightly.

Got The Girl picked up (late), ran errands, came home. Checked email. Found a one-line message from the HR woman for the job I’ve been interviewing for saying that they’d “decided to pursue other candidates.” Emailed her in return to clarify; did this mean my interview next week was cancelled? Yes. Interview cancelled. Another opportunity vanishing before my eyes.

I need a cocktail.

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