Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 33rd birthday. It was pretty much a normal day except for all the people wishing me happy birthday and having a gorgeous new necklace to build an outfit around.

My birthdays have always just sort of come and gone with little fanfare. Since my birthday is the day after my mom’s, it often got swallowed into a joint celebration with mostly my parents’ friends growing up. It’s always sort of felt like a “oh yeah, that’s right” kind of day. And perhaps that’s my fault. In my reticence to bring attention to myself for fear of seeming like I’m begging for attention or special treatment, I never make a huge deal out the day. I never demand dramatic gatherings or hullabaloo. I just sort of think that those in my life who want to celebrate my birthday, will, and those who don’t, won’t. And that is usually how it goes down.

I don’t have a lot of vivid memories of my birthdays. But one that I do have completely clear memories of was my 9th birthday. I remember having a few of my best girlfriends over just to hang out. What I really remember though was my parents giving me my first 10-speed bike for that birthday. It was a red Schwinn with a black seat. And I think I actually cried when I came down the stairs, blind folded, to see it that afternoon. I also remember that was the year I had to really start wearing glasses and my best friend at the time, M, gave me these goofy plastic wiper things that I could clip onto my regular glasses so that should I be stranded in the rain, I could pop those suckers onto my glasses and voila! Instant non-rain smeared glasses. We both thought they were very funny. I remember it being a good birthday, full of laughter and fun.

Today I got an enormous number of the most wonderful birthday wishes on Facebook. A lovely day with my family. A super sweet card with a little “just for me!” spending cash from my in laws. And the chance to mark another year gone by. Cheers to 33!

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