Motherhood Discovery

I went to a baby shower today for a dear friend. She’s one that I’ve known since 7th grade. As with most friends you’ve had for 20 years or more, there have been so many ups and downs through our friendship that I stopped counting. All I know is that we’ve reconnected and it’s as if we just talked yesterday. There are just some people out there that you have a soul connection with, you know?

This is her first baby. And I’m so excited for her I can hardly stand it. She is 8 months pregnant and looks completely fucking gorgeous (which does make me a wee bit miffed) and she is obviously adored by a huge community of support. They’re having a boy and even though they refuse to tell anyone the names they’ve chosen, I already know. Hee-hee…I just had to throw that out there. And it’s a lovely name. I can’t wait to meet this sweet boy and call him by his secret name.

It’s interesting for me to be around new moms and moms-to-be. I spend so much of my time being a mother and feeling completely inept. Feeling like the days pass in such a blur, how could I possibly know which way is up, let alone how to respond in a proper (whatever the hell that means) fashion with my children. But when I am around new moms and those who are anxiously anticipating the arrival of their first baby, I find that I often know more than I think I do. And I have a quiet (and not so quiet) confidence about this whole motherhood job.

I can talk your ears off about breastfeeding, baby wearing and cloth diapers. I can tell countless troublemaker stories and tales of sleepless nights making me bleary and silly. I can recount both of my deliveries with awesome clarity. But I can also just sit back and watch and listen as these women find their own way. And relish in simply being invited along on their journey. I’ve packed my road map, and they’re welcome to look at it, but mostly I just love being a part of their own motherhood discovery.

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