6/18/09 - Crazy Afternoon

**Once you read yesterday's entry, you'll understand why I am tardy posting it! :)**

The Boy had about 25 other kids in his class while he was in kindergarten. He played with all of them pretty equally and often asked for playdates with several of them. But out of all of those kids, and their mothers, we only really got to know 2 of them. One mother in particular I’ve become really good friends with. She’d just found out she was pregnant with their 5th child when we first started hanging out, so I got to see her go through the whole pregnancy. And it just confirmed my thought that there are just some women who are meant to be pregnant. She is really one of them. Not only did she always look gorgeous, but she never ran out of energy, never used the pregnancy as an excuse to not go for walks around the neighborhood with the other kiddos, never let being pregnant slow her down one little bit. I have a great deal of admiration for her as a woman and a mother.

She had their baby girl about two weeks ago and she’s gorgeous! Of course part of the reason that she does pregnancy so easily could be because her babies are so small (at least compared to mine). The biggest of the 5 was barely over 7lbs. While mine top out at over 9lbs. She had a bit of a traumatic labor and delivery as her placenta tore and her labor stalled out at about 5cm. But baby and mama are now healthy and happy.

Well, at least the baby is. O found several lumps in her breasts the other day. We both initially thought they were just plugged milk ducts. But after much compressing, massaging and icing they weren’t going anywhere fast. So off to the doc she went. They wanted to do further testing pretty immediately, so she called me today in tears asking if her 4 kiddos could come play for the afternoon. Of course!!

So my house was crazy for the entire afternoon with 6 children playing furiously. And we’re waiting for the docs to get their butts in gear and schedule the biopsy. And I’m sending her love and light.

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