Paint Payback

When I was in elementary school, my parents decided to have the basement in our house finished. It was a long process, but when it was done, my mom had a great space to do yoga and I had a great play space (which would eventually become my room when I hit high school). I had a big wooden easel that my dad had made me down there all set up and ready for me to paint whenever I wanted. Until one day when there was a major paint accident involving red paint that the carpet would never recover from. That stain was still there when my parents sold the house when I graduated from college.

I thought that my karma had been repaid for that carpet defilement when The Girl found some blue acrylic paint and proceeded to crawl across the floor with it leaving a bright, blue trail behind her like a trail of bread crumbs for Muppets.

Apparently, not so much.

Because my husband woke up this morning to our children painting. The couch. They had decided to continue with the project he had started with them the previous day painting sun catchers and then decided that the couch needed some sprucing up. So they spread black, red and yellow paint all over the cushions and one pillow of our beige couch (yes I’m aware that a case could be made that we were asking for it by having a light colored couch with two children). Needless to say they spent the morning in their respective rooms while my husband and I were watching football (and I was watching my fantasy team have a truly sucky day when they were supposed to have a day in which they all shined and put up many points to carry me to a winning record).

And we were not able to get all the paint out. So there it will sit, on our couch cushions as a marker of our children’s’ creativity and our mistake of leaving them to their own devices when they get up entirely too early. But at the end of the day, I guess we can always just flip the cushions.


Kristi said...

Oh my! You are a better mom than I am because my children would be D-E-A-D.

Lisa said...

Hahahahahahah!!! LOVE it!!! And glad it was you and not me! :)