My Pitta Nature

Not too long after I got out of college, I had a massive eczema/psoriasis breakout that was misdiagnosed and I was prescribed topical cortico-steroids for entirely too long and thus a Candida infection broke out. The breakout and infection was pretty much localized to my hands and feet, which was sort of a blessing except that there were literally days when I could not walk because my feet were in such bad shape and I lived in cotton gloves for months because of how cracked and broken the skin on my hands had become. It was a horrifically painful and humbling experience and that I will never forget.

I tried everything under the sun to make it even bearable and in the end; the only things that worked were an Ayurvedic herb regimen and keeping sage oil on my hands and feet at all times. As I did the diagnostic interview with the Ayurveda practitioner who was also a long time friend of my mom’s she cemented her feeling that I fall under the Pitta designation. Which essentially means I have too much fire in me (which of you didn’t know that already?). And when that fire (acidity) gets out of balance, then it throws everything in me out of balance – my diet, my moods, my digestion, my skin, you name it.

After about 4-6 months of this strict Pitta calming regimen, my hands and feet were completely better. And they have never gotten as bad as that again, although I have certainly had outbreaks (usually when I have to be on antibiotics). And it’s just always something that I’ve kept in the back of my head – my Pitta nature.

So after spending the last several weeks with damn near unbearable heart burn that made me cough and gag and want to throw up in the middle of the night, I once again turned to Ayurvedic remedies. And after changing my diet for 24 hours, there is a radical difference.

Now I am generally really not one for the woo-woo stuff. But this not only gave me really good results, but almost instantaneously. It’s hard not be wooed by that kind of woo-woo, you know?

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