10/6/09 - Football Gripe

**Sorry this is late (man I seem to be saying that alot lately), but something nasty put me on the couch yesterday and I am still there, much whining is sure to ensue.**

I love playing fantasy football. I really love it. I mean yes, I gripe occasionally that it takes more time than I have to really do good research. Or that the networks never play the games I want to watch so I can see players in action that I’ve had my eye on. But mostly, I love it.

Except for one thing.

The all girls league I have always played in added more players this year and I do not love playing in a 12 player deep league. I do not enjoy doing all of my weekly research only to find that the other players apparently read faster than I do or have some other mind-meldish type tie to Matthew Berry and have already picked up EVERY single player I was going to add to my team. Having that many players in a league really means you have to dig deep to find substitutes on bye weeks or to swap out hurt players or flat get rid of players who just are not performing. Consequently, this year is taking a lot more time than I am used to.

I am fully aware that my latitude for griping is slim because I am the two-time defending champion of my league (notice how nonchalantly I threw that in there this time?). That really I need to stop the bitching and just suck it up. But seriously, I am totally frigging frustrated at the moment. Not to mention that I’m not entirely happy with my ranking or current record.

By this time in the NFL season, there are typically standouts. Players who are consistently producing, rookies who have emerged as go-to’s for their quarterbacks. Overall dominant players in one way or another. But here’s the frustrating part. Every time I get me one of those dominant players, they get hurt or they all of sudden stop producing. So back to the drawing board I go in hopes of finding someone new that will fit the bill. And I’ve gotten lucky a couple of times, but mostly, I have just found more frustration.

It appears that I am really going to have work it to earn my third championship.

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