10/3/09 - Soux Chef

**Sorry this is late, I got home really late last night so it would have posted today anyway.**

I think I probably could have been very happy in a career as a soux chef. I really love to take a whole pile of veggies and through complete focus end up with skillfully cut, diced and chiffonaded ingredients.

So when I showed up at H and D’s house today for an evening of hanging out with friends and found them completely up to their ears in making salsa, I dove right in to help. They have one of the most amazing vegetable gardens I have ever seen. And were swimming in tomatoes, jalapenos and green chilies so had decided to make a huge amount of salsa and then can it all. The problem(s) is that they didn’t have a food processor, they have the tiniest kitchen ever and neither of them had ever made salsa before. They had frozen all of their romas (without blanching, peeling and seeding them first, which is definitely not my choice for making fresh salsa, but we made do with it) and they were only about half defrosted, so D was busy doing 2-3 tomatoes at a time in their teeny tiny prep processor. It looked a bit more like tomato sorbet than salsa at first. H and I set about pulling the skin off the peppers and chilies. As soon as D started cutting the onions we all really found out exactly how small that kitchen was as the coughing, gagging and crying ensued.

Thank God for Pilsner Urquel.

After about two and a half hours of prepping and mixing and tasting and tweaking, we had three big batches of mild, medium and hot salsa of just about perfect texture and flavor. I was pretty impressed with us and aside from gagging on all the fumes and the capsasin burns from my silly choice to peel chilies sans gloves, we all had a lot of fun with the process.

So we finished our beers and went to dinner. It was a perfectly lovely way to spend a Saturday evening. They kept apologizing profusely for putting me to work, but I just hope that this will finally teach them I just love their company, no matter what we’re doing.

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