Griping AND Whining

Since I was already griping yesterday, I thought I would continue today.

I am frigging fragging sick! And I am not even remotely happy about it. The Boy has a runny nose that just won’t quit (but that seems to be his only symptom thank goodness), my husband came home from work yesterday and went straight to bed (although by evening he seemed to be feeling a bit better) and by mid-afternoon yesterday my head had filled up and was pounding and the chills had set in. I think I slept last night from about 2 – 4am and that’s about it because I could not breathe and my head was hurting so badly that all I could do was lay very still and hope that a meteor would land squarely on my side of the bed and put me out of my misery. Now The Girl has started sneezing today (although that appears to be her only affliction which is not stopping her from pulling out her Oscar award winning rendition of “Super-cute Plague Infested Princess”). I’m hoping that if she does indeed get whatever this is, that it is light and no big deal despite the fact that she’s already coughing. But I will be in doctor’s offices with her for the next two days, so at least there’s that.

I don’t remember our household being quite so germ-ridden before The Girl landed on the scene. But I suppose it makes sense that there would be twice the number of germy hitchhikers arriving on our doorstep with both kids in school and my husband working in cubicle hell with a bunch of people who also have kids. I am so feeling like the innocent bystander here.

So the day is half gone and The Girl and I are still in our jammies. I’ve unabashedly had the TV on for the majority of the day and have no plans to turn it off. I suppose I have to drag myself upstairs to find something with which to feed The Girl soon since it is lunchtime. But I’ll tell you what, these family members who keep getting me sick will be fending for themselves for dinner.

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