I Am Nothing

There’s a space that comes after a long period of denial. A vast, open space that is love and peace. There is a moment that comes where there is nothing but gratitude. And grace. Thanks for the gift of time and space to come to a place of absolute recognition.

I realized today that beyond the conventions of modern day life that I do not need to tie myself to one identity. I do not need to tether myself to convention, or force myself to exist in a shoe box.

That my spirit is outside the confines of definition. That I already exist in that which I have sought for, for so long. That my very being is love and peace and my only job is to exist within that vastness. What a gift! Such freedom and wonder…

Here’s a story to ponder:

There is an old sage that comes into a fancy party and sits himself, without being beckoned, at the head of the table. The host looks at his lack of refinery and says to him “Who are you that you would sit in such a place of power? Are you the governor of this place?” The sage responds, “No, I’m more than that.” The host says, “Well if you are more than that, are you the Prime Minister of this country?” The sage responds simply, “No, I’m more than that.” The host incredulously says, “What then, you are the king?” “No, I’m more than that,” says the sage. The host looks at him in wonder and says “No one has more power than the king except God!” The sage says “I’m not God, I’m more than that.” “Nothing is more powerful than God!” exclaims the host. “Well then, I am nothing.”

That’s me. Right now. I am nothing. And the bliss of that realization is the most freeing and awesome thing I’ve ever felt. To be able to embrace the darkness that has been in me since birth as my true self instead of something to be shoved down or fixed, is the greatest gift I’ve ever received. I’m looking forward to practicing my being. I’m looking forward to sharing my being.

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