Day from Hell

I was awoken this morning by my bed vibrating. And not in a good way. When I looked out our front window, I was greeted by a hulking tractor digging up the street in front of our house and water spewing everywhere.

Not long after that, I realized that we had no water. No shower. No flushing of toilets. No water for the dogs. No coffee.

The kids had today off of school, so I had planned on taking them to the zoo. So we all got dressed. I used the tiny bit of water that was left in our Brita pitcher to brush my teeth. Put on a hat and some perfume.

Then The Girl started screaming. After fifteen minutes of that I got her calm enough to get out of her that her head hurt. I gave her some Tylenol and we were out the door.

On the way, I got us through the worst part of traffic, I thought, and was still valiantly trying to just laugh it all off. Tee hee, what an interesting morning! Ha ha see I’m laughing about this! And then The Girl started screaming again and proceeded to vomit all over herself.

Then we ran into the MLK Jr. Day parade. Literally. Still hell bent for the zoo. I finally made it to the zoo parking lot. Only to be greeted by the entire population of Denver. All at the zoo. There was zero parking. With my car reeking of throw up, my Girl whimpering and my Boy asking questions just to listen to the sound of his own voice I looked.

We went to Target instead to get The Girl vomit-free clothing. Bagged the idea of the zoo and started looking for somewhere to eat lunch. I texted a friend, hoping for some sympathy and maybe a hug and instead got completely blown off. It’s really not fair that I was angry with him. He was at work after all. But that’s pretty much how the whole day has been, unfair. Want to run away screaming, pull my hair out and go get ridiculously drunk unfair.

This too shall pass. The day has to end. Eventually.

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