High School Drop Out

I dropped out of high school. My senior year. I only needed one class to graduate. And I just quit. I told myself it was because of the teacher of that one class. She was a raging bitch with a major chip on her shoulder who had flat out told me that there was nothing I could do to pass her class. So I simply walked out. In reality though I think I quit because I was just done. For most of high school the only thing that got me out of bed was the opportunity to be involved in the drama department. And my senior year, that really kicked into high gear. I got to student direct the school musical first semester and then essentially have my pick of roles in the play second semester.

But the rest of it? Just didn’t matter to me anymore. My boyfriend at the time was the star goalie of the lacrosse team so I went to all the games and the parties on the weekends. Drama and my social life were the only reasons to even step foot on campus. So I found myself sneaking around the old school so that I could tailor make my days. Mostly hiding in the drama department, occasionally sneaking a smoke out the back doors.

It didn’t really sink in that I was a high school drop out until the rest of my friends graduated. I went to the ceremony to support them and about half way through the proceedings it dawned on me that I would not ever get to do this. That my parents wouldn’t ever get to take the requisite picture of me in my cheesy cap and gown holding my diploma. There would be no bragging about my GPA or what colleges I had been accepted to.

I never went back to high school so to speak. I took a summer school class a year after I should have graduated and got those last three credits. I never requested a copy of my diploma or anything. The simple knowledge that it was done was enough. And I wouldn’t trade the memories of that senior year for anything.

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